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Johnny Malloy's

About us

The pride of the Cleveland Mounted Police. When we were searching for a name for our first Irish Sports Pub, we decided to name it after a much admired family hero from the past, a man by the name of Johnny Malloy. Johnny Malloy grew up in the early 1920’s in Cleveland, Ohio, in a tough area populated by Irish immigrants. Like many young Irish lads, he dreamed of becoming a policeman.

He not only achieved his dream, he was assigned to the Mounted Division. A bit of Irish luck, since Johnny also loved horses. It was a perfect match.

Johnny Malloy and his horse, Sonny, were loved by all who knew them (even the badguys). He was always friendly and ready to lend a helping hand. One of Johnny’s most enjoyable duties was riding in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, carrying the “Stars and Stripes”.

Johnny would have loved it – an Irish pub named after himself – the relatives back in County Mayo, Ireland would sure be proud.